Completing a building process successfully today – whether it’s an extension to your current home or a whole new-build project – requires in-depth knowledge of the job you are undertaking.

If you don’t have that knowledge or would like to spend your time more productively doing other things, we are able to give you the assistance you need.

Our various advice packages all give you a guaranteed return on your investment.


  • before we start any work, we examine all of the costs involved in detail so that we can work within a pre-determined budget
  • the volumes we generate mean we can obtain better terms for you

We will advise and guide you in:

  • estimating the cost of your project
  • the design and stability study
  • choosing the right materials
  • selecting and coordinating the contractors

And we can guarantee:

  • to deliver outstanding quality
  • to keep a careful eye your budget
  • to monitor the lead-time closely